Ordnance Survey Maps

Create Your Own Ordnance Survey Map Wallpaper Mural

OS Local Street Map

Local Street Map

The high detailed street-level map at 1:10 000 scale, you’ll see the shapes of individual houses and more detailed outlines of larger buildings.

OS Explorer Map

Explorer Map

Ordnance Survey's most detailed map at 1:25 000 scale specifically designed for walkers and cyclists, exceptionally clear presentation of the landscape.

OS Landranger Map

Landranger Map

The popular OS Landranger Map series at 1:50 000 scale covers twice as much as Explorer, so not as detailed but still shows all the main landscape features.

OS Regional Map

Regional Map

The 1:250 000 series provides a regional view of the landscape which is similar in content and appearance to a typical road-atlas.

OS Great Britain Map

Great Britain Map

The OS Great Britain 1:1 Million scale map clearly shows the broad landscape features, including all major boundaries, settlements and physical features.

Historic OS Map Wallpaper

Historic OS Maps

Show in detail the landscape as it once looked over 100 years ago. Choice of three mapping scales sourced from OS maps dating between 1841 to 1913.

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