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Map Wallpaper Murals for Restaurants, Pubs & Bars

Add visual interest with a striking map wall mural

Local map wallpaper can be a great addition to any restaurant or bar, creating a unique and memorable atmosphere that can make a lasting impression on customers.

Whether you're looking to create a rustic, industrial feel or a more modern, sleek vibe, incorporating local maps into your decor is a great way to achieve this.

Here are some of the reasons why local map wallpaper can be such an effective design choice for pubs, restaurants and bars:

It creates a sense of place.

By using maps that highlight the local area, you can create a strong sense of place within your establishment. This can be particularly effective for businesses that are located in areas with a lot of history or culture.

For example, a restaurant in Oxford could use historic Ordnance Survey maps of the Oxford Castle Quarter, while a bar in London might feature a mural of the city's iconic underground map.

We are are licensed partners with Ordnance Survey, historic OS from the National Library of Scotland, A-Z mapping from Collins, and Admiralty Charts from UK Hydrographic Office. Your map wallpaper mural, whether modern or historic, is custom printed to your exact wall dimensions.

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OS National Map Wallpaper for Seadrift Bed & Breakfast

Running a bed and breakfast in this magnificient part of the Highlands of Scotland, it is sometimes difficult to judge times/distances to travel. We decided that with a wall map of the area we would be able to help our guests plan their trips more effectively. Our map from Redcliffe has enabled to do that and has had a further benefit of encouraging our guests to share their experiences with one another. It is a both a talking and focal point and crosses nationailities. There has scarcely been a Tripadvisor review of us that fails to mention "the map"! - Lisa Bevan, Owner, Seadrift Bed and Breakfast, Avernish

Detailed Ordnance Survey 1:10,000 map wallpaper mural

A detailed Ordnance Survey wallpaper map mural for The Station Hotel in Altrincham, one of Blind Tiger Inns, a small group of public houses that span the North West of England.

A map adds visual interest.

Maps can also be visually striking, especially when used on a large scale as wallpaper. The intricate details and colours of the maps can add texture and depth to your decor, making your space more visually interesting and engaging.

It can be a conversation starter.

Maps can be a great way to spark conversations between customers and staff. Whether it's pointing out a particular neighbourhood or landmark, or discussing the history behind a particular area, maps can provide a wealth of interesting topics to explore.

It reinforces your brand.

Using local maps can also help to reinforce your brand and your values. If your restaurant or bar emphasises a focus on community and local pride, incorporating maps of the surrounding area can help to communicate that message to your customers.

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A-Z map wallpaper mural of Bristol for community centre

Redcliffe Imaging donated an A-Z map wallpaper to the Southmead Adventure Playground in Bristol, known locally as The Ranch. It featured on the BBC One series 'DIY SOS: The Big Build' to help transform and re-style their community space.

restaurant historic map wallpaper mural

We have recently started up a new Coffee Shop in our village and we used Redcliffe provide a 1890's map to decorate an entire wall. Redcliffe were quick and professional, getting the product out to us in no time at all! Instructions were clear and now we have a fantastic looking wall! Very happy with everything and would happily use them again! - Jack Langmead, The Kings Stag Coffee House, Dorset

When it comes to using local map wallpaper in your restaurant or bar, there are a few different approaches you can take. Here are some ideas to get you started:

Create a feature wall.

One of the most popular ways to incorporate map wallpaper is to create a feature wall. This could be a single wall that is covered in map wallpaper, or a series of walls that are arranged to create a mural effect. Choose maps that highlight different areas of the local region, and mix and match colors and styles to create a visually interesting display.

Use maps and photos as accents.

If you're not ready to commit to a full wall of map wallpaper, consider using maps as accents throughout your space. This could be as simple as framing a few vintage maps and hanging them on the wall, or using a skyline photo of your local area.

Get creative with wallpaper media.

Maps can be printed on a variety of wallpaper materials, from traditional wallpaper to more durable media that are scrub and scratch resistant. Consider experimenting with different subjects such as local photos, maps and landmarks to find a look that works for your space.

Overall, using local map wallpaper in your restaurant or bar can be a great way to create a unique and memorable atmosphere that will keep customers coming back. With a little creativity and a willingness to experiment, you can create a space that truly reflects the character and spirit of your local area.

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Detailed Ordnance Survey 1:10,000 map wallpaper mural

Courtesy: Javed Ahmadi

Reception Photo Mural

Courtesy: Marcel Pfrang

restaurant historic map wallpaper mural

The residents of Patcham who are regulars in The Coach House love looking at and discussing the history of the area, it is a real focal point - Emma Ratcliffe, Miss Bean's Cakes

Great Wall of China Photo Wall mural - Tac Vien

Courtesy: Tac Vien - Hao Wei

OS historic map wallpaper living room

Courtesy: Matthew Bendell

Nautical chart map mural and photo mural for The Dawson Arms pub

Courtesy: At No 19 Interiors - Nautical chart and photo mural for The Dawson Arms

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Ordnance Survey Local Map Wallpaper

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Ordnance Survey 10k Local Map Wallpaper

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OS Local Map Wallpaper Mural

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