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Premium Quality Smooth Wallpaper

Digimura 2.1 - A Beautiful Satin Non-textured Finish

digimura smooth wall paper

Digimura 2.1 is a very high quality wallcovering and sets the standard for commercial interiors and high-traffic public spaces. Created for designers, architects and display specialists for all types of interior décor projects from installations within cafés, bars and restaurants to high-street retail stores, hotels, hospitals, offices and museums.

A heavyweight 350gsm fabric-backed non-woven polyester wallcovering that is a paste-the-wall not the wallcovering product designed for high-traffic public and commercial spaces.

It is durable and specified for long-term commercial installations and has an inbuilt biocide for antibacterial and fungal protection that protects both the material and the wall from bacteria, mildew and fungus.

This makes Digimura 2.1 perfect for use within healthcare environments, food outlets, child-care and educational establishments and even areas with high humidity, such as Spas.

It achieves a fire rating of B - s2, d0 to the EN 13501 (Euroclass) fire standard. This fire rating is essential for all circulation spaces within contract interiors. It is also CE certified to Construction Products Regulations EN 15102 and certified to EN 12149.

For environmental performance, Digimura 2.1 achieves A+ for VOC levels, meaning 'very low' VOC emissions. It also has an Environmental Product Declaration (EPD) following ISO 14025 standards which can contribute towards; LEED, SKA, BREEAM and other 'green' fit-out schemes.

Download Digimura Wallpaper Hanging Instructions

Download Digimura Technical Specification

Download Digimura Declaration of Performance

How to Apply Digimura Digimura 2.1 Smooth Wallpaper

*This video is from the manufacturer, and is a guide only, please follow the wallpaper instructions provided with your wallpaper order.

Easy Installation Of Your Custom Wallpaper

Preparation - Make sure that the bare wall is sound, clean and dry. Remove all loose paint, plaster or old paper and fill all holes and cracks with filler, smoothing down the surface when it is set.

"Size" The Wall - Prior to wallpapering it's a good idea to "size" the wall as this seals porous surfaces to prevent the paste from drying too fast and it also aids slip and slide when papering. Beeline Primer Sealer is a highly recommended wallpaper "size" product as it does all of the above and also helps reduce seam splits, raised edges and bubbling of wallpaper.

Start Line - Few walls are truly square or perfectly vertical. To overcome this, use a plumb line or spirit level and draw a vertical pencil line from ceiling to floor at a set distance from the left hand edge of your wall. This start line measurement will be shown in the printed installation instructions that come with your custom printed wallpaper order.

More - Easy Installation
draw a plumb line

Looking For A Decorating Contractor For Your Wallpaper?

If you are not familiar with hanging wallpaper we recommend that you contact a professional decorating contractor who will be able to hang the wallpaper on your behalf. The Painting and Decorating Association represents thousands of painters and decorators across the UK and will help you find a recommended PDA member in your area.

find a professional wallpaper installer

For more information or advice on wallpaper murals please call Jo Burr - 0117 952 6067 or Gemma Malenoir 0117 203 4338