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Looking For A Painting & Decorating Contractor For Your Wallpaper?

Painting and Decorating AssociationStanding for professionalism, confidence and integrity, the Painting and Decorating Association symbol is the sign of quality in the industry. The PDA represents thousands of painters and decorators across the UK, but the Association has one clear purpose - to ensure all members adhere to the highest standards. From large national contractor organisations through to small businesses - the PDA choose its decorators with care.

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Employing a Painter and Decorator - follow these simple steps:

  • Use a PDA Member: all their members adhere to their Code of Practice and Membership Criteria. There is a dedicated 'Find a Member' facility on their website and you can also call their Head Office to see how long they have been in membership.
  • Approach 3 seperate companies to compare price and service
  • Always ask for a written quotation and ensure all aspects of the job are included.
  • Do not cut corners to save on cost. You will not achieve the best results.
  • If you wish for further works to be carried out during the project then this will affect the final cost and you should receive a revised quotation to reflect these changes.
  • Expect to pay a small fee upfront. Do not pay for the whole project at the start. Agree the payment stages at the start of the project and uphold these if you are happy with the work.
  • At the end of the project if there's problem with the workmanship, do not pay the final fee and contact the PDA.

Hints and Tips

  1. Ensure that when the agreed work is decided, that a start date is confirmed.
  2. If wall surfaces are not of a good quality, ensure the contractor allows in the quotation to fully prepare and if needed, cross line the surfaces with a good quality lining paper to ensure a good finish on which to hang the paper
  3. Always check that the correct adhesive has been purchased for the wallpaper. Many of the top manufacturers of wallpaper will supply their own adhesives
  4. If a wall covering appears to be faulty, immediately ask the contractor to stop work and refer the problem back to the supplier
  5. The most important thing to remember, is to fully communicate with the contractor throughout the entire contractual period, if there is any part of the work which is causing concern then it is much easier to resolve problem at this point rather than wait until the job is completed

Qualifications & Experience

All PDA members either hold formal qualifications in the painting and decorating craft (City & Guilds, NVQs etc) or have a minimum of five years' experience.

On acceptance into the PDA all members are required to produce evidence that they have been trading under their business name for the minimum of one year.


Before admission to the association, PDA members have provided several references which have all been throughly checked. There's also opportunity to leave your feedback in the Member Profile area of the PDA website.


PDA members are required to have 'Public Liability Insurance' upon application and are required by law to have this. If you would like peace of mind then all PDA members would be happy to produce evidence of insurance.


You should be given a specification for the job, and a fixed price quotation or estimate, depending on your preference.

He/she will also clearly explain any additional work which may become necessary in the course of a job, or which you may require, and will give you an idea of the additional costs involved. Remember - a professional decorator will not expect full payment before he start the job but a deposit may be required.

Only for large contacts, going on several weeks, will staged or interim payments be requested, and these will be agreed at the outset.

find a professional wallpaper installerPeace of Mind

The PDA will investigate every complaint about a member, and try and resolve all disputes satisfactorily. Independent inspection and meditation is also available, provided free of charge by the association.

For more information or advice on wallpaper murals please call Jo Burr - 0117 952 6067 or Gemma Malenoir 0117 203 4338