Wallpapering Tools And Accessories Checklist

It's important to have the correct tools to hand before attempting to hang your custom wallpaper. Better to check you have everything now before starting your project.

You will need some basic tools and accessories to install your custom printed wallpaper. For convenience you can order 11 professional quality items together in one set from Homebase, which includes:

  • 3" stripping knife
  • 10‚ÄĚscissors
  • 7" paper hanging brush
  • plumb bob
  • wallpaper seam roller
  • paste brush
Wallpapering tools

Other Required Tools

bespoke wallpaperA pasting table is normally required for wallpaper hanging, but one is not required for Digimura Wallpaper, which is paste the wall or HP Smooth Wallpaper, which is ready pasted or FabriTac Wallpaper, which is self adhesive. However you might still find one useful for accessing your wallpaper panels, rather than working on the floor.

You will need a medium pile roller and tray for Digimura Wallpaper to apply undiluted adhesive to the wall surface to be covered and a brush for cutting-in.

A water trough is required for HP Smooth Wallpaper as the paper will need to be soaked in the trough before applying it to the wall.

Other essentials include a bucket containing clean water for wiping off any excess adhesive with a sponge. A plumb line or spirit level allows you to find true verticals and is used to set the first sheet of wallpaper by drawing a vertical pencil line from ceiling to floor at a set distance from the left hand edge of your wall. You can also use a Laser Level if you have one.

Finally, don't forget to have step ladders to hand, this can make wallpapering so much easier.

For more information or advice on wallpaper murals please call Jo Burr - 0117 952 6067