A3 wallpaper proof 100% size wallpaper proof
whole wall area section at 100% of final size

If you select Print Wallpaper Proofs Only you will receive two printed proofs on your selected wallpaper media.

  • The first proof print is a scaled down version of the whole layout so that you can check the overall colour.
  • The second proof print is a section of your image printed at 100% of the desired final print size so that you can inspect the detail.

Enter your wallpaper dimensions.

Ceilings and walls are not always straight, so we will automatically add 10cm to the width and height to accommodate any variations in the height and width of your wall. Just trim off the excess when you install your wallpaper mural.

How to accurately measure your wall.

Standard Smooth - HP PVC-Free Wallpaper is an ultra-smooth finish, prepasted 165gsm wallcovering with an approved fire certificate. It meets commercial wallcovering standards and has an indoor display permanence of up to 20 years. Mould and mildew resistant

Premium Smooth - Muraspec Digimura Smooth is a unique wallpaper product that has a satin non-textured finish. A paste-the-wall not the wallcovering product that is clean and simple to install and won't damage surfaces when it is removed.

Premium Durable Suede - HP PVC-Free Durable is a 290gsm wallcovering that is Type II compliant with a durability standard for commercial wallcoverings for criteria that also includes scrubbability, stain resistance, flame spread, colourfastness, abrasion resistance, and more.

Self Adhesive - FabriTac® Self Adhesive Wall Fabric - removable and repositionable! A great printable fabric surface, combined with its unique patented adhesive, makes this the ideal solution for putting large format images on walls. Anyone can easily apply, position, re-position or remove this wallpaper.

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Create Your Own Made to Measure Wallpaper Mural

Upload Your Artwork & Create A Wall Mural That’s Unique To You

Wallpaper from Photoshop or Illustrator Artwork

We can produce very high quality wallpaper murals from your image or graphic files. We support all major photo and graphic design applications JPG, PNG, PSD, TIFF, AI, SVG, EPS and PDF.

Not sure if your file is suitable for printing as wallpaper?
FREE File Check Use our FREE file checking service, upload your photo or design file and one of our skilled print technicians will check your file. Your email report will confirm suitability and answer any questions you may have about your wallpaper mural.

custom wallpaper from your design

Number 1 Upload your file for printing.
Please read the artwork guide below.
Number 1 Enter the Mural Size in centimetres.
Remember to add an additional 10cm to the width and height of the wall dimensions.

Price includes VAT & FREE UK Delivery

Please Note: Your wallpaper mural is split into the minimum number of panels possible to minimise the number of joins. This means panel widths can be between 800mm to 1200mm wide, dependant on the size of the wall.


Artwork Guide

We will print your wallpaper mural slightly oversize by 10cm to allow for the fact that few walls are truly square or perfectly vertical. So please remember to add add an extra 10cm all the way around when preparing your file. Example, actual wall size 300cm x 250cm - make your mural size 310cm x 260cm. Just trim off the excess when you install your mural.

We can accept all image and vector file types. Supported applications include InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator.

  • Crops - Please do not add any crops to your artwork.
  • In Photoshop please flatten all images and don't use extra channels. All files should be saved as a single Photoshop PDF.
  • In Illustrator fonts should be converted to outlines. Images to be embedded and then files saved as a press quality PDF.

If you design your wallpaper using other image editing or design applications then just remember to set up your artwork at the actual wallpaper size at a minimum of 100dpi and export or save as a press quality PDF.

Can I See A Proof Of My Image On My Chosen Wallpaper Media?

Select "Print Wallpaper Proofs Only" checkbox in the order form above if you wish to check the quality of your file. You will receive two printed proofs on your chosen wallpaper media.

Free File Checking Service

Not sure if your file is suitable for printing? Just upload your image file, state your preferred wallpaper print size and we will email you back a free report on your image file's suitability to print at that size and to highlight any other issues that may effect the quality of your wallpaper

Can I See A Sample Of Wallpapers?

We have produced free printed samples of all currently available custom wallpaper media. Each wallpaper sample has a full colour image for you to evaluate colour saturation and density.


Thank you for getting the wallpaper through and out so fast - it's rare to get such great service, so thank you - TL Contracts

For more information or advice on wallpaper murals please call Louise Bradforth - 0117 952 6065 or Jo Burr - 0117 952 6067